A sower strode from his abode to sow.
Though some seeds fell along the road,
they were disposed of by the crows.
Behold, others fell atop of lode
where little or no soil showed
and sprang up amongst old woad,
but since they had no room to grow,
they roasted once the sunshine rose.
Oh, as they had no roots below,
when the blow made clod erode,
exposed, they withered and they sloughed.
The sower unknowingly did throw
some seeds among the thorny foes –
and as you know, the thorns forebode
their choking there till they were mowed.
But some seeds escaped those woes,
and were bestowed upon an okay row
of soil hoed not long ago.
They provided grain to overflow,
some thirty, sixty, hundredfold.
Now he who has a good lughole,
let him decode this ode I’ve told.

He who hears but does not grasp,
is seed planted on the path –
Satan sneaks in so to snatch
what was sown with great dispatch.

And what was sown on rocky ground?
This is he who hears acute,
and receives with joyful sound,
but ultimately has no root.
For a time he stays around,
but when people persecute,
he falls away and can’t be found,
and he bears no fruit.

As for the seed among the thorns,
this is he who listened.
But when he sees the world adorns,
he abandons mission.

But the seed dropped beneath good dirt,
is he who heeded and who heard
the very kernel of God’s word
and planted crops of new converts.



by Harrison Keely

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