One nation, under God –
Wait, who?
Who is the god that the United States is under?
Do you know?
Does your neighbor know?
Do you agree?
Is it important that we know?
Or that we agree?
Is it just something we say,
or do we believe it?
Do we act like it?

Are we one nation under many gods — any one you want?
Or are we under the god your neighbor chooses?
Are we under no god if you’re an atheist?
Are we under Jehovah and Shiva and Allah simultaneously?
How do we submit to them?
Or are we one nation under something else?
Are we under money, horoscopes, technology, friends, entertainment, careers, social justice?

Is our freedom and nationhood more important than God?
Does the U.S. put politics, health, safety and economy under God? Beside Him? Above Him?

What if we removed the words, “Under God”?
Would that remove God?
Or would He remain right where He is?
And would it be an acknowledgement that we refuse to submit to Him?



by Harrison Keely

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