Any fool can start a quarrel,
whether it’s moot or amoral,
but a friend of high repute
seeks to finish a dispute.

As a man with lawless lips
likes to levy all his tricks,
be ye cautious in conflicts,
and do not fall for politics.

A man can say a million words,
but if they’re poles apart,
how will others know what they have heard
or on which path to start?

From whom do earth’s kings take their tax?
From their sons, or others’ sacks?
But so that they’ll not protest,
pay the toll at their behest.

Help me honor you with my talk –
show me what to say.
Help me honor with each thought –
teach me what to pray.
Help me honor you with my deeds,
and all I do today.
Please bless my friends and family,
as we seek to obey.

A hot-tempered man whose main tenets
are to plan and take vengeance
must understand he’ll pay penance
for his lack of repentance.

Better to control your temper
than a whole empire;
it is greater to remember
restraint’s a road that’s higher.

A scoffer seeks sagacity
but laughs at pertinacity
and his awful audacity’s
as bad as his rapacity.

Yet he with perspicacity
will always have capacity
and perfect ingenuity
to further his acuity!

Only once I’ll walk this road,
so if there’s good to do,
or a kindness I can show,
may I stop for you.


by Harrison Keely

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