I’m not as late as I could be,
but later than I’d like;
you have the right to disagree,
and I’ve the right to vike!

Every day’s a final draft –
the ink, it quickly dries –
so better to refine your craft
before the hero dies.

Be sure your advice is sound
before you aim a barrel,
lest your infantry go down,
leaving you in peril.

May all I am point e’er to El,
each breath and word and deed;
He rescues me from depths of hell,
fulfills my every need.
He maketh me a place to dwell,
and saves me by His creed,
so of His ardor I must tell,
and let His Spirit lead!

Though the crowd all disapproves,
the storm won’t stay severe –
lo, the clouds may never move,
but when you do, they disappear.

Sin may seem a sultry soother,
her speech sounding ever smoother;
how easy it seems to seduce her,
but do not fall for her maneuvers,
for who among you’d be the looser?

Her suitors are sooner deserted
in a sewer, stupored and perverted.

I will affirm she is no good;

The prudent perceived their next step;
they looked ahead before they leapt,
and as their actions were adept,
they arrived sans intercept.

Everyone wants to be ahead,
but no one wants to be a cephalophore.

Have you met my redder Irish Setter?
Perhaps it’s better that you never –
if you upset her, she’s a wetter,
widdling onto her abettor!

The measure of successful man
is neither fame nor fortune,
but rather in an outstretched hand
that offers up his portion.


by Harrison Keely

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