Contemplate this case study
when you’re the estate’s trustee
and parents fall ill fatally:
inheritance gained hastily
instead of received gracefully
will be depleted wastefully.

Fools who are intolerable
often start a fight,
but a man who’s honorable
will stay away from strife.

Beware, don’t fall into the trap
of pledging to the king
before you don your thinking cap
and regret everything.

God’s purpose is not to serve us –
rather, the reverse.
He preserved us with His purchase,
as He broke sin’s curse.

Men, if you must vent your spleen,
your temper brings a bout;
what enters won’t make you unclean,
but rather what comes out!

Societies can no more predict
the winners of their politics
than the results of armed conflict
and the cults of hard convicts.

Insulting words upon the senses
will spawn dire consequences.

Where there is strife, there is pride,
but those who take advice are wise.

Don’t pervert justice for the pauper
when he brings a suit;
forsooth, my son, it is not proper
to pollute disputes.

Some of those who cry out, “Lord,”
will in the kingdom be ignored,
but he who walks forth in accord
with God’s will shall see reward!

Not all who give off the impression
enter the kingdom of heaven,
but he who makes God’s will obsession,
will verily see his accession!


by Harrison Keely

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