The way of a fool is right
solely in his eager eyes,
but the man who’s truly wise
always listens to advice.

He who hath a froward heart
findeth no good, none in part
or any place throughout the soul,
for there’s fire in the whole.

Ensure your repast is packed
not with friends but those who lack;
no socialites should come to snack,
lest they just invite you back!

Instead, when you entertain,
invite the poor, the blind, and lame –
freely pour your best champagne,
and a blessing you’ll attain!

For the crippled, broke…

We pray for good each time we get a chance –
in every case and circumstance –
but how often do we pray
that we will be the good each day?

Some people never listen
to the ring of a church bell,
that’s why I run my mission
within a yard of hell.

I can live a life achieving deeds
but I can’t deny:
God knows what His kingdom needs
far much more than I.

Boy, beware the spread of bruit –
look away and it takes root –
but a man who is astute
can resolve a fraught dispute.

Any fool can start a row
and stir up debate;
he will rave if he’s allowed
and tirade with hate.
But the real winner shuns a fight,
and he leaves a brawl;
it’s honorable to do what’s right
when others free-for-all.

What is it that puts kings in motion
and preserves their throne,
if not their subjects’ deep devotion
and the love they’ve shown?


by Harrison Keely

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