Everyone wants to get ahead,
but no one wants to operate a guillotine.

The poor are shunned by their kinsfolk –
their friends vanish like thin smoke –
but despite all of their pleading,
those they’re needing keep retreating.

Let me tell you of three men,
who went their separate ways at end:
The first insisted on his hell,
and that’s exactly where he fell.
The next demanded to keep earth
yet lost it all, for what it’s worth.
But the third man, in a second,
let go of all he had for heaven
and was unable to retain
the smallest token of his pain,
for when he had breathed his last,
he, too, received just what he asked!

The wise fear God’s dominance,
but a fool has a hot head –
he walks with reckless confidence
and rages on instead.

A zoologist trekking in Zink
found a rare, man-eating skink.
Though he knew karate,
he slaughtered his body
so the animal’d not go extinct.

It is easy to feel rue
and not do a thing,
but much harder when it’s you
who brings it to the king.

What is it that’s quoted most –
an opus or a rhyme?
The oafish like an ode’s ripostes
over prose each time!


by Harrison Keely

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